Blood donation meeting


Blood Donation is a major aspect. Donating blood is probably the most important thing you could offer to another human being.
I have co-operated in the past with the students of the Blood Donation Team from the University of Crete in co-operation with the “Agia Sofia” Pediatric Hospital of Athens. I had created an illustration for the blood donation project for one of their previous meetings.
I am really glad that we had the oportunity to work together once more. During this project, I have tried to avoid using dark colors and shocking images. I thought it would be much better to illustrate a happy and optimistic view of blood donation.
The blood donation took place in Rethymno. I designed a grafitty-style city of Rethymno and a digital illustrated paper boat as a symbol of hope. The blood donation went really good and I am glad to create illustrations for such great purposes.